When not writing Jeanne Skartsiaris also works as a Sonographer. Prior to that she was a medical/legal photographer for a plaintiff’s law firm. She attended creative writing courses at Southern Methodist University and is a member of Romance Writer's of America and the local chapter, Dallas Area Romance Authors. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

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Dance Like You Mean It

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What if you wrote a steamy, erotic novel that was so hot bookstores couldn’t keep it on their shelves? What if you couldn’t tell anyone you wrote it?

With a mundane life as a nurse, a husband who is grazing other fields, and a daughter of an impressionable age, Cassie checks her horoscope one morning just for kicks and notices an article about romance novels and how profitable publishing could be if one could spin a good tale.

She pens Wild Rose under a pseudonym and it flies to the top of the charts, is the talk of the town, and people are clamoring to know who the author is. What would her children think if they knew? Or her own mother, who ‘taught her better’, and, worse, her husband who’d thought she’d turned back into a virgin since they’d not had sex in so long. How could she be thrown into the spotlight and still be a good mom?

Wild Rose, Cassie’s caldron of prose, is woven through this story. Set it the 70s, it is the story of Rosemary, a beautiful photographer who wants to be recognized for her body of work, not her haunting beauty. Although, a modern women, she is as adventurous sexually as she is with her camera and beds men like candy…until she falls in love.

Both novels parallel each other as Cassie realizes Rosemary is not so different from her.

Snow Globe

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Surviving Life

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Reviews for Surviving Life

In Surviving Life by Jeanne Skartsiaris we are presented with a story that is both harrowing and heart warming, a true test of faith and family for Carson (the main character) and her mother Bet whose story is every bit as central to the themes being explored here. The title seems to this reader to signal a kind of melodrama in the novel that is appropriate but which might be tipping the hand a little too much. The overall design of the book is professional and the cover image for the book is very appealing, with a vivid illustration that captures some of the main inciting incidents in one image that really delivers an impact. The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, and often do surprising things or do / say things that are very human, which can be rare. I especially like Carson but part of why she is so successful is that there are so many other well developed characters for her to develop against and play off of. We get to see the real depth of what Carson is capable of just as she learns these limits herself and it's a testament to the writing that we're able to feel these moments happening rather than having them merely reported to us.

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